Posted by: Cream & Marsh | March 26, 2009


Well, I *could* sleep, quite well, if my Lauren was here 😦  She is at her mom’s tonight so she can sleep an hour longer before school.  Man, you don’t realize how much you like sleeping next to someone, until they are not there.  I don’t even want to look at the bed, to depressing.

So, I have been messing around the house, straightening up after the kids, getting things ready for tomorrow, and playing on the computer.  My kitty is sleeping, I can hear him snoring from across the room, I’m jealous.  The kids have been in sleepy town for a while now, since like 10pm.  

We are looking for an all white cat.  Lauren wants one since she has an all black cat.  She had a white one, lelu, who passed away unexpectedly a few years ago.  So I gave in and told her if we find a COMPLETELY white one, female and it has to be a KITTEN, we can get it.  I have already fell in love with a 3 yr old white short-hair with green eyes though…. I’m a sucker.

Tomorrow, I have to work, not real work, but clean an apartment that is recently empty, to off-set my rent.  Being unemployed blows.  But this is proof that we will do anything to support our children so I guess I should count this as a blessing and not the icky curse I accuse it of being!

We are kicking around ideas for our wedding ceremony at the moment, like for instance, we are debating on having bridesmaids/mans at our wedding, I think I want at least one, but then again, it just seems like one more thing to organize… what are you doing????  Also, we want to have an outdoor wedding, but with a Goth theme, I am not quite sure how to incorporate the outdoors, if that makes sense.  Any ideas????  And I wasn’t going to have a veil, but Desaray over at  Dingmoonment, blogged some REALLY pretty pictures of some veils and that has me rethinking my stance on the issue.  And I wonder why I can’t sleep!

Oh and if ANYONE happens to be reading this, and knows where I can find a Nightmare Before Christmas cake topper, PLEASE, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know.  I am willing to sell my slightly pudgy, stretch marked, droopy boobed body for this damn thing!  Thank you!!!



  1. I love this idea! I found a couple options that could work.

    What about this one….

    It looks like it’s cheaper here:

    Or this one…–Jack-Skellington-with-Sally-LE-100_p_4430.html

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