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Well, I *could* sleep, quite well, if my Lauren was here ūüė¶ ¬†She is at her mom’s tonight so she can sleep an hour longer before school. ¬†Man, you don’t realize how much you like sleeping next to someone, until they are not there. ¬†I don’t even want to look at the bed, to depressing.

So, I have been messing around the house, straightening up after the kids, getting things ready for tomorrow, and playing on the computer. ¬†My kitty is sleeping, I can hear him snoring from across the room, I’m jealous. ¬†The kids have been in sleepy town for a while now, since like 10pm. ¬†

We are looking for an all white cat. ¬†Lauren wants one since she has an all black cat. ¬†She had a white one, lelu, who passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. ¬†So I gave in and told her if we find a COMPLETELY white one, female and it has to be a KITTEN, we can get it. ¬†I have already fell in love with a 3 yr old white short-hair with green eyes though…. I’m a sucker.

Tomorrow, I have to work, not real work, but clean an apartment that is recently empty, to off-set my rent.  Being unemployed blows.  But this is proof that we will do anything to support our children so I guess I should count this as a blessing and not the icky curse I accuse it of being!

We are kicking around ideas for our wedding ceremony at the moment, like for instance, we are debating on having bridesmaids/mans at our wedding, I think I want at least one, but then again, it just seems like one more thing to organize… what are you doing???? ¬†Also, we want to have an outdoor wedding, but with a Goth theme, I am not quite sure how to incorporate the outdoors, if that makes sense. ¬†Any ideas???? ¬†And I wasn’t going to have a veil, but Desaray over at ¬†Dingmoonment,¬†blogged some REALLY pretty pictures of some veils and that has me rethinking my stance on the issue. ¬†And I wonder why I can’t sleep!

Oh and if ANYONE happens to be reading this, and knows where I can find a Nightmare Before Christmas cake topper, PLEASE, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know.  I am willing to sell my slightly pudgy, stretch marked, droopy boobed body for this damn thing!  Thank you!!!

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My Nightmare….

Is finding a Jack and Sally cake topper…. Really people is it necessary to pay hundreds of dollars for a CAKE TOPPER?!?! (maybe I exaggerate slightly, but they ARE expensive!) My Lauren wants it and damn-it she will have it, but still….. And I want one that looks just like them, not a knock off ūüôā And I want a specific pose, you know at the end when Jack walks up the hill and they look at each other and Sally walks over and her leg is out behind her ever so slightly? ¬†Yeah, that ūüôā ¬†

We are going for kind of a Goth theme, lots of black and red…. and I want the cake to be black with red swirl-y do da’s on it…. I can picture it in my head, now I just need to find a picture. ¬†Lauren wants the invitations to have a Nightmare before Christmas theme as well, I’m not on board with that just yet…. I am trying to find something really kick ass to show her so she will change her mind….heh…. wish me luck!!!!

Took Tiger the kitty to the vet, he has been losing his hair, or licking it out.  But the vet gave him some shots and said it is either a.) allergies, b.) OCD cat style or c.) my damn cat is just psycho!  Lets hope its A, ok?  He seems better, and seems to be grooming less, so time will tell.

My kids have spring fever and can’t seem to get on board these days. ¬†We are talking the attention of a gnat here… geeesh :/ ¬†Only a few months and summer will be here and they can be as clueless as they want. ¬†But having to repeat myself 37 thousand times is making my throat hurt ūüėČ ¬†Maybe if it would just get 10 degrees warmer out, they could have some sunlight after school and MAYBE things will go a little better.

Lauren has finals this week and is stressing out, like every quarter. ¬†I try to help, I try to give advice, and then I just try to stay the hell out of her way! ¬†I’m in survival mode and just smiling and nodding a lot, saves me some nasty looks. ¬†It will be over soon….. and then sweet, sweet break! ¬†Next quarter I think she is taking 4 classes again, which sucks because that is a load for her with work too ūüė¶ ¬†My poor baby. ¬†

Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous out and I will be stuck inside, cleaning empty apartments ūüė¶ ¬†(my *new job* to help offset rent until I can find something part time since unemployment doesn’t even cover the cost of toilet paper around here!) ¬†OK, that is my groaning for the day…. Maybe the sun will make me work faster so I can get out in it!

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Yay for Mom’s

My Mother called to inform me her tulips are coming up…. So I need to get my patio Spring ready. ¬†I love her! ¬†She also informed me she cooked Pizza Casserole and Beef Roast and BBQ Chicken and that I needed to come get ours. ¬†Again, I love her!!

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What’s your Major Malfunction???

Mine, of course is procrastination. I must admit that the idea of something intrigues me far more than the actual steps to get to said idea. ¬†Take our wedding for instance. ¬†Because of some legal issues going on with my ex-husband at the moment, we have decided to not set a date. ¬†We need to wait for this to be settled, THEN we can go from there. ¬†Lauren is completely ok with this and that is great, I was afraid she would not be. ¬†The “idea” of our wedding, well I can dream up places, dresses, food, music, words, etc. all day. ¬†But to actually DO anything about it, well, no…. I mean I did order my dress (how could I not, that thing makes me smile every time I look at it!!!) and we did decide on the colors and theme and that we want it outdoors. ¬†But I am so relieved that I have that much longer before I have to dig in and do something…. Is that really awful of me? ¬†I hope not!

Another procrastination? ¬†Heh, our closet!!! ¬†It is the catch all, black hole, home of the prince of darkness place we store our clothing. And. It. Is. Horrible. ¬†Lauren says not to worry, its not that bad, but I was looking for my child’s shoe the other day and you know what? ¬†Still can’t find it ūüė¶ ¬†and she is so sad too. And mad that I borrowed HER shoes and didn’t RETURN them to their PROPER place…. (yeah, ok, and she is SO responsible herself… whatever!) ¬†But I can report that I have started the long, deadly process of cleaning and organizing that closet!!!!

We also decided that a house is in our near future (before the wedding) and now I have to figure out how to PAY for this house ūüôā ¬†Lauren is a dreamer, I am a realist. She just “knows” that house will be ours. ¬†I just “know” we cant afford it. ¬†That kind of thing. ¬†But I must agree with her that we have more than outgrown this apartment and we still have two kitties that are living with her parents that want their mommies and they cant be here because my lease only allows two pets and with Bella the dumb dog and my baby boy Tiger the pretty kitty… well you get my angst, right?

We have been enjoying the amazingly beautiful weather and I tell you it does wonders for my mood!  I think sun is by far the best anti-depressant you will ever find!

And yes, this blog is going to end up being about a lot more than our wedding. ¬†Though that will be there too. ¬†But since the wedding is so far off, this will be my dump all emotions blog… Aren’t you couple readers the lucky ones! ¬†I promise to keep it real and light hearted as possible, but no promises.

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After the Anniversary

The anniversary is over. ¬†It was FANtastic!!! ¬†We had so much fun this weekend, just being together and enjoying the actual SUN that NE Ohio had ūüôā

I gave L her ring and she LOVED it which was a nice reaction.  She even cried a little which was sweet, though she said she was kinda expecting it and admitted that she did, in fact, want one really bad.  Do I know my lady or what?  Friday we went shopping for some new clothes and then we pigged out on some yummy food.  Saturday was rainy, but still kinda warm so it turned into a wonderful day.  The weekend went by way to fast and now all we are left with are the memories, as usual.

Here are a few pictures of her ring and of us all gussied up to go out.

100_0923100_0975Please excuse the mess on the love seat behind us, we are girls and getting dressed up takes some…. messy time!

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March means Spring…Right?!?!

I am feeling much better today =) ¬†So I feel like blogging a little about our wedding tonight. ¬†The colors are officially changed to red and black, to compensate for my dream kick ASS dress from Fairy Goth Mother. ¬†My girlie will be getting fitted for her suit in the next few months just to see what the price range we are looking at will be. ¬†We are going to DIY the STD’s and the Invitations for sure. ¬†Possibly DIY the flowers as well. ¬†My sister is a master at flower arranging and if she can’t do it, my cousin is a florist and for sure can!

I also can not wait for our anniversary this Tuesday. ¬†It is such a huge milestone on our relationship. ¬†And I can’t wait to celebrate it sans kids this weekend. ¬†Our Friday dinner will be yummy, and I decided to give her the poem that night so she thinks that is her gift. ¬†Then Saturday morning we are getting up early to go to the museum and that is where I will give her the ring!!!!! ¬†I don’t know HOW I am going to be able to hold this in, she can so tell something is up, I know. ¬†But I am trying my best to make her think otherwise. ¬†I know she is not expecting a ring so that is cool. ¬†And since I am laid off at the moment I told her my gift is coming from my heart, which in our language means handmade or free, so she will not expect anything bought. ¬†

I am hoping and praying that Lauren or the kids don’t catch whatever it is that I am trying to recover from. ¬†It is hell when I am sick, but so much worse when they are! ¬†Lauren has to drive so much for school and work, she can’t afford to be sick, plus she is a diabetic and that just makes it all worse ūüė¶ ¬†And when kids are sick, its just pitiful…. I would rather just keep it for myself!

Well, here is to a great court date tomorrow, a wonderful Anniversary week and maybe, hopefully some signs of SPRING!!!!

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Yes, it is true, the bird flu, the black plague, the common cold… SOMETHING has taken over my body and left me limp, on the couch, to wallow in my snot and self pity. ¬†Sure, sure, the kid-lets and Lauren are helping me out, in that “don’t breath around her” sort of way. ¬†I.hate.being.sick. ¬†I am not a good sick person, I can’t stand to be still and I can NOT stand to blow my nose so much so, that it hurts to then breath out of said nose. ¬†

I blame Ohio, I blame Mother Nature, and I blame those DAMN shopping carts!! ¬†My children are healthy, couldn’t have come from them…. unless the bug jumped on a backpack and inconspicuously made their way up my nose or down my throat. ¬†Lauren is healthy, but “does” travel a lot…hmmmmm, could be the culprit…. I blame everyONE around me! ¬†I can’t be to blame!! ¬†I wash my hands like a frickin’ OCD’er tripped out on coffee!!! ¬†I Lysol daily and antibacterial my hands ALL. THE. TIME. TYVM!

This sucks. I’m tired. I want my Lauren. I want to breath through my left nostril… at the same time as my right…. I want to not look like a crack whore. ¬†I want to not guide Santa’s sleigh with my neon red nose. ¬†I want to be WELL again.

Did I mention I am highly dramatic when ill?  Hmmmm, you would never know I am sure.

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Anniversaries, Rings and a Whole Lot of Other Things….

We are gearing up for our one year anniversary March 3rd. ¬†I am especially excited about this because A.) we have known each other for 8 years, but this is the first “stretch” of time we have been exclusive and B.) ¬†I “LOVE” celebrating anniversaries. Even more than birthday’s! ¬†Like I have said before, we are both extremely sentimental girlies and we love this gooey stuff. ¬†Since it falls on a Tuesday, and my Lauren has school, we will keep the day low key. ¬†Nice dinner, nice cuddling and nice sleeping! (She is so tired after school, she drives two hours to get home) ¬†But starting on Friday evening…. Let the festivities begin!!! ¬†Lauren is an excellent cook, so I opted out of the restaurant thing and for her to cook here at home… it’s so yummy to just WATCH her cook..heh ¬†Then on Saturday, she took the day off and we will revisit the Cleveland Museum of Art, which was our first date. ¬†I seriously feel like it’s Christmas!¬†

Wedding plans are going slowly, but we are talking about it all and really just getting a feel for what we truly want. ¬†We are in the process of weeding out what is “expected” and what we “want”. ¬†We are also coming to terms with the fact that although in OUR eyes we will be married, well, it doesn’t mean shit here in Ohio. ¬†I told Lauren it’s just a piece of paper anyway, but I feel in my heart, I want MORE. I want people to see us as a MARRIED couple, not just that cute little Lesbian couple that wanted to have a “ceremony”. ¬† That is by far the most annoying thing people can say to me…. “oh, you two having a ceremony?” ¬†“That’s real sweet to have a little party for everyone!” ummmm, yeah, it’s not for EVERYONE, its for US!

I have a little secret to share as well….. tee hee….. Lauren had said she didn’t “REALLY” want an engagement ring. ¬†I know she lied. I know her that well =) ¬†So yesterday I went and got her a really simple little heart shaped rainbow topaz set in silver. ¬†It’s tiny and beautiful and will look great on her tiny hands!!! ¬†I plan to give it to her Saturday at the Museum. ¬†She is not in the least expecting this and I really hope to surprise the pants right off her! ¬†I also wrote her a poem, as she thinks for some unknown reason I am a good writer. Guess she just loves me! I don’t know if I should give her that before the ring or on Friday at dinner so she thinks that is her gift?!?! ¬†So if you take the time to read this, let me know what your idea would be PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Now, in daily life, my car decided it didn’t like me anymore, and the mechanic said the only way it will have me back is for $500. ¬†Which I do NOT have. ¬†So I am driving my Mom’s car (thanks Mommy!!!!) until I can save the funds. ¬†I have the LAST court date with the Ex about finances being sorted…. This has been going on so long, I don’t know what it will feel like to be done totally. ¬†First it was about him wanting full custody of our children because he assumed with me being gay, I can’t possibly be a good Mother. ¬†Then when that didn’t fly, he wanted lauren to be forbidden from being around them. ¬†He had no good reason for this, so that was thrown out as well. ¬†Now, he wants me to take half of HIS debt ( I say HIS because when I left him, we each took our OWN debts with us) ¬†And he wants Child support lowered which is ridiculous considering what he pays me now for two kids is pocket change. ¬†I think sometimes he just drags my ass back to court to still have some sort of control over me. ¬†I try not to think negatively and just go with it. ¬†

The kids are doing wonderfully and we are in wanting Spring mode, everyone is sick of being stuck in the house.  Lil Man is going to play baseball this Spring and Football this summer/fall.  Lil Woman is doing Fast Pitch Softball again, and she opted out of Cheering this year, which is fine with me, I am tired of DRIVING them here, there and everywhere! 

No job yet, but school is on the horizon, so I am focusing on that at the moment and the fact that everyone is happy, healthy, and Spring is knocking on our door!

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A me-me for a rainy day

Lauren is off to work today, the kidlets are at school and I am bored… so I decided since everyone else has done this, I will too! ¬†Enjoy getting to know Lauren and I.

Marital Status?

How long have you been toget‚Äčher?
We have known each other for 8 years, but we have been together as a couple, for a year.

How long did you know each other‚Äč befor‚Äče you start‚Äčed datin‚Äčg?
7 years

Who asked‚Äč who out?
uhhhh, I kissed her 7 years ago, I was her first girlfriend, this last year when we reconnected, she asked me out for coffee.

How old are each of you?
I am 31, L is 26

What are your astro‚Äčlogic‚Äčal signs‚Äč?
We are both Virgo’s…. Scary!

Whose mothe‚Äčr do you see the most?
I see mine and she sees hers, her mother HATES me.. =(  I mom likes her but it is still all *new* to my mom, so we give her space.

Whose sibli‚Äčngs do/‚Äčdid you see the most?
both the same

Do you have any child‚Äčren toget‚Äčher?
not together, but I have two =)

Do you have any pets?
yep, Bella the dumb dog

What‚Äô‚Äčs the harde‚Äčst on you as a coupl‚Äče?
My ex-husband, hands down is the hardest!

What do you both do for a livin‚Äčg?
I am a laid off momma, but I am in accounting, she works at a store and goes to school

Is that what you went to schoo‚Äčl for?
Yes, but I am going for something else this fall, and she is going for an Art Degree.

Did you both go to the same schoo‚Äčl?

Are you from the same homet‚Äčown?

Do you live in the same town now?

Who is the smart‚Äčest?
She would say me, but I think we are just smart about different things!

Who is the most sensi‚Äčtive?
Her for sure!!!

Where‚Äč do you eat out most as a coupl‚Äče?
Luigis or Aladdins

Where‚Äč do you shop the most as a coupl‚Äče?
the grocery store!

Where‚Äč is the furth‚Äčest you two have trave‚Äčled toget‚Äčher as a coupl‚Äče?
Pittsburgh, PA

Who has the best group‚Äč of frien‚Äčds?
Its a tie, but we are around her friends more

Who has the crazi‚Äčest exes?
Me, hence the EX husband

Who has the worst‚Äč tempe‚Äčr?
I think we both do, but I show mine more, I am Irish and I have a very short fuse, she is Italian and blows slower, but last longer lol

Who does the cooki‚Äčng?
Me mostly, but hers is better!

Who is more socia‚Äčl?

Who is the neat-‚Äčfreak‚Äč?
Oh me for sure, I have OCD and she drives me crazy!

Who is the most stubb‚Äčorn?

Who hogs the bed?

Who wakes‚Äč up earli‚Äčer?
Me, I have to take the kids to school, except on her school days, my poor babe gets up before the sun =(

Where‚Äč was your first‚Äč date?
To the Cleveland Art Museum

Who said I Love You first‚Äč?
I did.

Who has the bigge‚Äčr famil‚Äčy?

Who gives flowe‚Äčrs the most often‚Äč?

How do you spend‚Äč Thanksgiving?
With family

Who is more jealo‚Äčus?
Well, I show it more, but its a tie I would think.

Do you have littl‚Äče pet names‚Äč for each other‚Äč?
I am Creamstick and she is Marshmallow

How long did it take to get serio‚Äčus?
hmmmm, seconds?? lol

Who eats more?

Who sings‚Äč bette‚Äčr?
She says I do.

Who‚Äôs‚Äč older‚Äč?

Who does the laund‚Äčry?

Who does the dishe‚Äčs?
Her mostly

Who‚Äôs‚Äč bette‚Äčr with the compu‚Äčter?

Who drive‚Äčs?
Her if we are together, I hate driving

Who picks‚Äč where‚Äč you go to dinne‚Äčr?
Me usually

Who is the first‚Äč one to admit‚Äč when they‚Äô‚Äčre wrong‚Äč?

Who named‚Äč your pet?

Who kisse‚Äčd who first‚Äč?
I kissed her first and then she went home and came to terms with the fact she was a Lesbian =)

Who has more tatto‚Äčos?
Her and they are hot.

Who eats more sweet‚Äčs?

Who cries‚Äč more?

Who’s the traditionalist?

Who’s the most sentimental?
That is a tie

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Wedding Planning *Update*

Okay, so earlier this month, I was ranting about NOT wanting to plan the damn thing… But, being a problem solver kinda gal, I went in with both guns blazing and I think I came out victorious!

1.) We have a good friend who is also a GREAT D.J.,¬† he *offered* to DJ the wedding, and my honey being the sweetie she is told him no, that he should enjoy the reception with all of us. Me seeing the opportunity to save a couple grand said, ummm, he offered it as a gift, don’t be ungrateful…lol¬† (mental to-do list… check DJ)

2.) We have had some issues as to where the wedding/reception will occur. Where we live, it is very hard to find anyone willing to let a same sex couple use, well anything really.  But ANOTHER good friend, recently got divorced, kept his house with its beautifully wooded three acres and offered us the land, free of charge for as long as we want it!!! (mental to-do list, check location.)

3.) We decided to change the colors for the dress and I have the dress on special order and will get to TOUCH my dress in 7 months!!!!!!!! 

So, there is the wedding update as such.¬† We are both working on lists of songs we want played and we are trying to cut the list that started at 50, ballooned to 100, down to 65-70… wish us luck!

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